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Who would have thought that two seemingly disparate worlds—the world of Jazz and the business world—would have so much in common? The elements that create a successful jazz quartet are the same components critical for sustaining a highly effective business team. Good jazz and high performance business depend on creativity, agility, empathy and flexibility. The similarities don’t end there. The business lessons of jazz focus on high performance teamwork, multitasking, cross-functional awareness, innovation and responsiveness to change. Jazz translates seamlessly across cultures and serves as a social model that can be leveraged to teach business the skills of collaboration.

  • Experiencing the business impact of jazz will deepen your human capital’s understanding of the integration of diverse skills and roles.
  • The Jazz Impact Experience will stimulate your company to create and imagine new possibilities, through a live, interactive experience.

Jazz Impact is a fusion of insights and parallels drawn from the world of business illustrated through the experience of jazz. Through live music and interactive engagement, Jazz Impact delivers perspectives and techniques that will have an IMMEDIATE effect on your people and your business. Book Jazz Impact NOW

Current and Recent Clients

  • The Mayo Clinic / FRESH EYES: A Leadership Development Action Learning Program.Michael Gold will conduct workshops for a key development experience at Mayo Clinic, designed to prepare leaders for complexities of health care in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, strengthening their leadership to deliver on the Mayo Mission.
  • Kellog School of Business / Dr. Michael Gold presented the closing seminar for the Kellogg School of Business executive education program at The Kellogg Campus in Miami, Florida.
  • John Deer Leadership Development Forum /
  • The Capital Group /
  • CPSI 2013 Conference / Unleash the Possible: How to Create, Innovate, and Lead Change.Michael Gold will conduct workshops for The Expert Forum at the Center for Creative Problem Solving Conference in Buffalo, New York
  • The Plexus Institute 2013 Conference / Jazz Impact will present the opening program for the Plexus Institute of Complexity Science in Silver Springs Maryland.
  • The California Society of Municipal Finance Officers / Jazz Impact will present a keynote for CSMFO’s 2013 Annual Conference on the dynamics of accountability, creative thinking, listening, cross-functional understanding and teamwork in the agile organization.
  • U of Minn School of Public Health / Dr. Michael Gold will return for the fourth year to work with a cohort of medical professionals working towards a MBA in Public Health Administration. In this seminar the art of jazz improvisation is used as an effective tool for deepening the effectiveness of online relationships.
  • Kellogg Northwestern Executive MBA Program / Dr. Michael Gold returned for the seventh year of tri-annual programs using the Jazz Ensemble as a model of Organizational Leadership for the Advanced Education Program at Kellogg Business School in Evanston, Illinois.
  • The Art of Science Learning / Dr. Michael Gold has been appointed to the faculty and curriculum development committee of The Art of Science Learning’s project titled “Integrating Informal STEM and Arts-Based Learning to Foster Innovation.” The project is based at the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership in San Diego. Key national partners include Americans for the Arts, American Association for the Advancement of Science and Association of Science-Technology Centers. It is a four-year research project funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • Social Business Design Summit / The Dachis Group Berlin, Germany.
  • Americans for the Arts / National Conference: Bringing Creative Arts Programs to Business, San Antonio, Texas
  • QBE the Americans / Leadership Development Workshops, New York City.
  • T Rowe Price / The Catalyst Event: Collaborative Innovation in Social Business Design.
  • Healthcare Financial Management Association / Jazz Impact will keynote for the HFMA’s Leadership Training Conference in New Orleans.
  • Accenture / Jazz Impact returned to Accenture to present a program on Jazz and Innovation for their L4 Leadership Development Master Class.
  • Siemens / Jazz Impact will present a keynote program for 160 “Diversity Ambassadors” – globally located senior executives charged with leveraging diversity in their organizations, business units, and regions.
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